Care for Caregivers

Friends, family, clinicians - the caregivers, all work to enhance the health and happiness of individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia.  At Rhythm Break Cares, we realize the essential role that caregivers have and understand how difficult care giving can be at times.  We strongly encourage individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia to participate in our dance sessions with their caregivers.  RBC programs focus on providing and fostering a safe and communicative environment and caregivers find the experience exceptionally beneficial. Social dancing with a partner is a familiar and enjoyable activity for people and provides quality time for the patient and their partner.  Dancing to music and even just watching others dance, can help develop procedural learning (long term memory initiated by past experience) and enhance concentration.  Our first in-house caregiver program, the Care for Caregivers Tea Dance Social, was launched in 2011 and we continue to provide the support and opportunities for caregivers with a variety of programs throughout the year.